Video Documentation of a Keynote Speaker


Few tips for high quality event’s video documentation – How to create an interesting and entertaining video documentation of a keynote speaker


If you want to document the speaker strictly for archive reasons then one angle would be enough.
If you would like to create an intriguing and viral lecture then it is better to use more then one angle ,aka multiple cameras setup.

First you need to find the right Photographer/ Cameraman to help you with this task.

Multi-cam setup will help you to create the highest quality clip to push your brand forward.
While a keynote speaker may not be the most animated of subjects, a team of videographers will offer expanded possibilities in creating an excellent video.
Key points in the multi-cam setup.

1.Edit first: working form the top down. A multiple-camera setup allows for proper editing where different angles can be selected. Going from one angle to another creates greater interest and dynamic flare for your video. The audience reactions and engagement, details, etc.



2.Two angels are the minimum for editing, one cameraman shooting a wide shoot of the event and the 2nd walks around and get different angels and close ups.

3.I do recommend at least 3 ( Extreme wide, middle shoot and moving camera) for few reasons: 1. Dead zones, often on a stage there are few angels that the camera cannot reach from its position. Therefore one camera would catch the whole stage, so incase that the keynote speaker moves allot on the stage or just want to stand exactly in the spot where there is the leaset coverage we are still managing to document it with at least 2 angels. 2. The extreme wide shoot would help the edit while the speaker moves on the stage. 3. the middle shoot would catch the main shoot of the speaker. 4. Gives a chance for the moving camera to document much more freely. 5. The moving camera can use slider shoots in between to improve the visuals of the end clip.


4.Get Crowd Reactions: Crowd reactions are important as they convey the audience’s response to the speaker. Quite often a crowd that is interested, excited, and involved creates a greater interest in those who are watching the video as they can feel the reactions.


5.Sound: It is important to have a professional team that would work well together with the video team since a great video with bad sound is simply a bad video.



6.Professionalism: Your conference will look professional with the multiple cameras setup which means more people will take it seriously.

7.To make the clip in a top professional level I do recommend to use the slides of the keynote speaker in the clip. That way the viewer can follow the lecture as if he was participating in the event.

8.Adding an animated logo of your company would defiantly give the last touch to create the best result.

If you need to document a keynote speaker address in Berlin, Germany or anywhere in the world, you will want to use a multi-cam documentation that creates a professional, interesting, and more engaging video.

Not only will it increase the interest level among viewers, it will improve the overall view of your event and your company.


If you need any processional video service in Berlin, Germany or Europe feel free to contact us.

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