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Video Documentation of a Keynote Speaker

  Few tips for high quality event’s video documentation – How to create an interesting and entertaining video documentation of a keynote speaker Needs: If you want to document the speaker strictly for archive reasons then one angle would be enough. If you would like to create an intriguing and viral lecture then it is better to use more then one angle ,aka multiple cameras setup. First you need to find the right Photographer/ Cameraman to help you with this task. Multi-cam setup will help you to create the highest quality clip to push your brand forward. While a keynote speaker […]

Video Documentation of a Keynote Speaker

Top Event photographer in Berlin

Event Photographer Events are filled with important moments which you will never want to miss out and the person who can capture every unforgettable moment is your event photographer. Unlike capturing the usual moments in our everyday life, event photography in not usual and requires a lot of expertise and professionalism. Whether it is a small business event or or commercial conference – professional photographers helps capture the best moments. By hiring a top event photographer you can ensure that your event gets the best coverage and most amazing photos. There are a number of benefits of hiring a top event photography […]

Event Photographer Berlin

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